Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Program

passports with skycatcher modelDo you look for any excuse to fly? Well, here is one for you, the Virginia Aviation Ambassadors Program.  All you need to do is have your Virginia Passport (available at any Virginia public use airport) stamped at all 66 Virginia public use airports, 4 Virginia aviation museums, attend 1 Virginia safety seminar and the annual Virginia Festival of Flight.

After all that (72 stamps total) you will be rewarded with a cool leather jacket adorned with patches. It sounds kind of crazy to do all that just for a leather jacket, at least that is was I thought initially. But when my wife discovered the Ambassador program and said she wanted to do it, I  with reluctance, agreed.

So far we have visited 41 airports and 4 museums. I have to admit it has been a blast. I won’t detail our saga thus far so as not to spoil it for anyone else. If you fly  just for the fun of it, I highly recommend participating in this program.

Details about the program here:  http://www.doav/vaap.htm

Francine at New Market
Skycatcher sporting the VMI “spider” logo at New Market airport. New Market was the site of a famous Civil War engagement in which the entire Virginia Military Institute study body was committed to battle. The story is dramatized in the movie “Field of Lost Shoes” , currently on NETFLIX.